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  Welcome To Albaquin     L–Carnosine

Albaquin is a skin cream containing Monobenzone, which is a topical medication used to remove skin pigmentation in people suffering from the disorder of vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition in which there is a loss of brown color (pigment) from areas of skin, resulting in irregular white patches that feel like normal skin.

Albaquin is manufactured using the best possible standards, ensuring the purest yield of Monobenzone.


 We are in the process of appointing franchisees for Albaquin! Those interested kindly contact us!


Disclaimer: Monobenzone is a potent depigmentation agent. It is neither a skin fairness cream nor mild cosmetic bleach. Monobenzone is not used for treating freckles, sun damage, sun spots, and age spots, skin discoloration caused by hormone medicine, perfumes, pregnancy, or skin trauma.